Teatime Fruit Cake


Teatime Fruit Dry Milk Cake is a mouth-watering dessert that is perfect for snacking during tea time or any time of the day. This cake is made from a combination of dry milk powder, sugar, ghee, and a variety of dried fruits, including raisins, dates, and figs.

The process of making Teatime Fruit Dry Milk Cake is a delicate one. The dry milk powder is mixed with ghee and sugar to form a dough-like mixture. Dried fruits like raisins, dates, and figs are then added to the mixture to give it a sweet and fruity flavor. The mixture is then shaped into small cakes and baked until golden brown.

The end result is a sweet and flavorful cake that is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. The combination of dry milk powder and ghee gives the cake a rich and creamy texture, while the dried fruits add a unique and delicious taste.

Teatime Fruit Dry Milk Cake is a popular dessert that is often served during tea time or as an after-dinner treat. It is also a great gift option for your loved ones, as it is a symbol of love and affection.

The ingredients used in Teatime Fruit Dry Milk Cake are high in nutritional value. Dry milk powder is a rich source of protein, calcium, and essential vitamins and minerals. Ghee, which is a form of clarified butter, is a healthy fat that provides energy and improves digestion. Dried fruits are also packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

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